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The purpose of the Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre is to bring Tibetan Buddhist teachings and ritual arts to Western Australia to provide knowledge to develop love and harmony and achieve inner happiness for individuals and our society.

The Centre is also dedicated to the preservation of ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings, traditions and art. 

buddha gif

ďAs long as space endures,
 As long as sentient beings remain
 Until then, may I too remain
 And dispel the miseries of the world."

                                          --  Shanti Deva




Welcome to Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre

The Phen Dhe Ling Buddhist Centre was initially founded as Tibetan Ancient Ritual Arts (TARA) in 1999 by Venerable Thupten Lodey, a senior Gyuto monk, with the support and help of spiritual friends with the good intention of benefitting all sentient beings.

The Centre has Gelugpa lineage to the GyutoTantric Monastic University of Tibet and in 2006 His Holiness the Dalai Lama bestowed the name Phen Dhe Ling on the centre which means 'Benefitting others is the source of happiness of self and others'.

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The Phen Dhe Ling Centre is entirely supported by members and volunteers, everyone is welcome and it is open for all people.